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Intensive Detox according to F.X. Mayr
Date 10th to 17th  april 2019
Trainer Nina Weiss
Participants  12 
Prize from € 1290

Letting go consciously

Cleansing Treatment Week: the Dr F.X.Mayr method

Following the Mayr cure is a fantastic way to get you feeling relaxed and energetic, in a short time. It can also help with resolving welfare disorders, such as problems with digestion, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and menopausal symptoms.

In the peaceful garden at Villa Primavera we offer a personalised program of cleansing, pilates and abdominal treatments under the professional supervision of Nina Weiss; lifestyle doctor and long-term ambassador of the Mayr Spa. Depending on your personal needs and wishes, a tailored menu will be prepared for each individual. Furthermore, there will be plenty of time for you to relax and take beautiful walks, if desired.

Do you want to feel healthy and energetic again?

Are you looking for stability and inner peace?

Have you considered drastically changing your lifestyle?

Or do you want to change your eating and drinking habits step by step?

Would you like to be pain and complaint free?

Then let us be your guide.

The basic aim of the Mayr cleansing treatment is to cleans the intestines. As a result, food residues are optimally digested and harmful substances are more easily discharged, resetting and optimising the body's self-cleansing ability. In addition to consciously dealing with nutrition and taking the time for your body to ensure an onforgettable experience....