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Materclass  Mindfulness and Pilates 
Date  12th to 17th oktober 2018
Trainers Barbara Doeleman Anna Mora
Participants   12 
Prize € 1690  250 euro pilot discount now 1440 euro  

Balance between head and heart

During this 5-day masterclass we invite you to focus on finding your balance in these inspirational surroundings, amongst mountains and sea.
A tailor-made program to rejuvenate the senses. No experience necessary, just an open mind. Daily mindfulness, (self-compassion), meditation and pilates classes.

Why should you join this workshop?

  • Unique location on a private property. Only open to groups a few times a year.
  • Personal supervision, tailored to your specific needs.
  • Healthy, gastronomic and regionally sourced food.
  • Plenty of time for you: Adventure, walk, reflection.
  • A wide range of wellness facilities: sauna, massage and beauty treatments.
  • Because you deserve it! Will you take the step from ‘doing to being’?

Pilates is a training that was originally designed as a therapy for injured dancers. Specific muscle groups are trained on a controlled way, but is is also about suppleness, balance, and mental awareness.
Daily, you will get a varied and passionate workout from Anna Mora, our Prima Ballerina, who danced at the National Ballet. Offcourse we will consider your personal abilities. The lessons take place (if possible) in the open air, on our special Pilates platform.

Mindfulness is about the relationship we have with live as it presents itself, now, in this moment. Being mindful makes that time doesn't slip through your vingers, that you are more aware of the things around you, and consciously choose in which direction you decide to go. Our hectic lives with all it's challenges is sometimes at the cost of the moment.
During this course, our expert in mindfulness and compassion, Barbara Doeleman, takes you on a journey to yourself. Stillness and contemplation will be a focus point in this class. It will get you into contact with what wants to be heard and seen inside of you. True wisdom eventually starts by knowing yourself....