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Ten years ago we fell madly in love with this beautiful place. Since then it has become an oasis where we, as a family with children, grandchildren and friends come together to celebrate and enjoy life.
Renee had been playing with the idea of teaching Pilates at the villa when Claudia invited her intervision group here to delve deeper into the subject. This triggered the idea of combining integral health, healthy nutrition with mind/body techniques in the form of refresher courses and masterclasses.

Claudia van der Lugt


Organiser and General Practitioner
Claudia has been a General Practitioner for over ten years, after graduating as a neuropsychologist. In her practice, she strives to look at the person behind the ailment. This outlook has encouraged her further development in Integral medicine: where confidence is placed in the self-healing ability of the body and treatments include lifestyle changes and mind-body medicine. Trust is also an important basis for creating positive change and in order to achieve this, it is sometimes necessary to get people out of their comfort zones. Claudia does this by literally taking you on an adventure. Another important pillar of integral medicine is having a healing environment and by holding workshops, refresher courses and masterclasses in a beautiful location like Villa Primavera where you can relax naturally, she hopes to achieve this and to fulfill her passion.

“In my practice I see many people who are worn out, neglect themselves and are barely able to enjoy the really important things in life. In today’s fast paced society, most people are looking for a quick fix for their physical ailments. Let’s face it, who really has time to be ill?

Yet, I find, more often than not, that there’s a whole other story behind that recurrent ear infection. Ofcourse, it is possible to treat it with a course of antibiotics: a temporary solution. However, I have found that digging deeper and really holding a mirror to people aids in bringing them back to their natural balance, step by step. It is certainly a more time consuming solution, compared to the 7 days of antibiotics but the longer lasting results speak for themselves. People often also feel a lot better in their skin: another beneficial 'side-effect'.

Renée van Egmond

Organizer and Pilate Trainer
From dance teacher on the Antilles to business in Amsterdam. After a UVA part-time Dutch Law study and at the same time for 20 years a company based in Amsterdam for legal liability issues for governments. It was clear to Renée at an early stage that the changing of professions, with the balance between body and mind searching, would become a common thread in her life. Around the age of 50 she took a new transfer to Pilates teacher, working with a method that could be a movement basis for all ages. A supportive training with the result more conscious use of body and mind.
Upon request, Renée gives private lessons during the workshops on pilates equipment. After an intake you will receive one on one lessons and an explanation of the principles of the Pilates method.

Pilates is for women you often hear the men say. My wife has been following 2 pilates group lessons for years and gave me the tip to do something about my 'core'! For a long time I walked back and forth at the physio with low back pain with little improvement. I knocked at Studio Anna Mora and came to Renée for a number of private lessons. It was refraining, thinking, understanding better how to address and use certain muscle groups, a revelation. But above all a physical challenge. In my daily life and sports practice, this knowledge gives me a profit and is free of complaints!

Gijs 2016

Anna Mora

Pilates trainer
Anna discovered her passion for dance and movement on a early age. After her education in classical dance she performed professionally at the National Ballet and the Company Nacional de Danza de Mexico.
After a severe injury, Anna was forced to give up her career, however as she was recovering she came into contact with the trainingsmethoden of Pilates and Gyrotronics, and physically became stronger than ever.
As Anna found a new passion, she openend her Pilates Studio in 2005. Because of her enthusiastic way of teaching, Studio Anna Mora is now the number 1 Pilates studio in Amsterdam.
Aside from teaching in Amsterdam, Anna gives workshops in Pilates, Gyrotronics and Ballet all over Europe.  

Barbara Doeleman-van Veldhoven

Mindfulness trainer
Barbara Doeleman-van Veldhoven is a pioneer and expert in mindfulness-based programs & interventions for individuals as well as healthcare & corporate industries. She also focuses on mindful and compassionate leadership; on both a personal and a managerial level. She is a much sought - after speaker and workshop planner. Her unique background enables her to build the bridge between contemplative insights, mindfulness & compassion along with scientific applications of mindfulness-based programs.
Barbara graduated from a postdoctoral Mindfulness training at the UMC st. Radboud University in Nijmegen. She pursued the study in order to further explore the scientific basis and applicability of mindfulness-based programs. She has been studying, training and retreating in the field of meditation, contemplation and Buddhist and Western psychology for over 25 years. In addition, she is fully trained in Being Orientation, Respiratory Therapy and Cesar Exercise Therapy. Her organisation BFC Mindfulness & Compassion (www.bfcmind.nl), is committed to the integration of mindfulness and compassion in to healthcare and other organisations. She works in close cooperation with the Academy for Medical Specialists, VMBN (professional association for trainers of mindfulness-based programs in the Netherlands and Belgium, and of course, she has the highest achievable certification in the field of mindfulness: VMBN cat.1.

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Arthur Kempenaar

Sculptor, painter, teacher at the Rietveld Academie

Traffic signs and utility rooms: The works of Arthur Kempenaar are preferably described by the artist himself, in visual terms. He is often inspired by religious or mythical characters and is fascinated by tales of human tragedy: the struggle between the mortal and immortal worlds and the helplessness of mankind.


Fashion designer and senior lecturer at Rietveld Academie

In many of Alets’ works, the balance of power between people and animals plays a central role. Her images are confrontational, evoking conflicting emotions. It is impossible to introduce Alet with just one title, her creativity extends far beyond design. During her workshop, she will cook on the basis of a daily art theme. Experience a journey for the senses; a daily culinary work of art on your plate.

Nina Weiss

Lifestyle MD

Nina Weiss is specialized in Lifestyle Medicine. After her study in Utrecht she followed the practice of dr.F.X. Mayr in Austria. After 14 years working as a independent pharmacist/MD/Naturopathy and non-toxic tumor Therapist , she settled in 2002 in Arnhem as a fulltime MD Integrative Medicine and dr. F.X. Mayr consultant. For over 25 years she organizes colon cleansing treatment retreat weeks to specialists and patients.

Simone Ardesch

MD Integrative medicine

Simone Ardesch has a track record as a company doctor in the Netherlands. She was the first Dutch MD who followed a

Post-doctoral study Integrative Medicine in Arizona USA. The study inspired her to establish the School of Integrative Medicine in 2017.(schoolforintegrativemedicine.nl) The school provides training to Medical Doctors who are curious and willing to look behind the general western standards. She has a coaching practice and is a consultant in Integrative Medicine.