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In balance on the Cote d'Azur

From doing to being

weekend  Intervision for general practitioners 
Date 16 to 19th may 2019 
Trainer Claudia van der Lugt
Attendees 12 (full!)
Prize € 700

Balance between head and heart

Materclass  Mindfulness and Pilates 
Date  12th to 17th oktober 2018
Trainers Barbara Doeleman Anna Mora
Participants   12 
Prize € 1690  250 euro pilot discount now 1440 euro  

Letting go consciously

Intensive Detox according to F.X. Mayr
Date 10th to 17th  april 2019
Trainer Nina Weiss
Participants  12 
Prize from € 1290


Compassion Intensive for physicians

Intensive Heartfulness
Date 21st till 25th april 2020  
Trainer Barbara Doeleman, simone Ardesch and Claudia van der Lugt  
Participants  12 
Prize € 1999,-


Masterclass .....
Date  xth to xth oktober 2019
Trainers who
Participants   xx
Prize € xxx